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Vince & Jen's Wedding

Vincent & Jennifer's special day had arrived on a perfect Winter's day with the sun and blue skies making a welcome appearance. The bridal party preparation began in a relaxed setting at Gisborne Peak Winery. When I arrived everyone was so calm, with mother of the bride reading to her granddaughter outside and the bride herself casually doing some last minute sewing duties. But this reflects Jen's laid back attitude. She almost didn't even have a spreadsheet when planning the wedding! Everyone was very impressed with her final 6 page colour coded running sheet, sent 3 days before the big day. The wedding ceremony was held at Emu Bottom Homestead, surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens and natural Australian countryside. There was live music with her old high school friend Lucy playing the cello. It was a lovely atmosphere while Harry proudly walked his daughter down the path towards her soon to be husband. There were smiles all around and tears when the couple exchanged their personal vows in front of close friends and family. The celebrations continued with heartfelt speeches and 'award' mentions to those who helped put together the wedding production. Jen & Vince met at a theater rehearsal so it was a fitting way to show their appreciation. Best Supporting Actresses went to the bridal party, I won Best Picture and I loved Best can guess who this went to. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Tycer! I wish you all the happiness in the world xx

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