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Location, location, location!

I am not talking about buying property here, something much more important. Where to get married!? In a church? On the beach? Near your family? My family? Sometimes it is a matter of which country! I have heard stories where the couple couldn't decide and had to hold 2 weddings so a war wouldn't break out between the families. Sometimes it's not your wedding, it's what your mum or the in-law wants. I hear you sister. But try and stick to your guns, remember it is YOUR DAY. Okay, back to location, location, location. What I love about living in the UK is the amazing places where you can tie the knot and say those words 'I do'. I have a soft spot for really old castles, the history, the romance, the whole feeling of these places, it's pretty special. Here is one of my most memorable ones. Leez Priory A magical place where fairytales do come true. You really can be a princess and get married in your very own Tudor castle, well officially it's a mansion but nevertheless it is stunning. I felt like I was in a dreamland when I arrived. The great part of the venue is you can have your civil ceremony and reception party in the same place. Note if you want to get married in the Grand Tower it is quite small and narrow to get up, so great for a more intimate setting. In the summer time you can have an outside ceremony in the wonderful park grounds. Lovely backdrop for photographs. Based in Essex it has won a few 'Best Wedding Venue' awards and you will see why if you get a chance to get out there.

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