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Van is turning 40!

27 July 1978

So on 27th July 1978 (we are lead to believe) Van Pham was born! Weighing in at 3.6kg and 65cm long.

Precious and rare old photo of us.

First time back to Vietnam

Getting skanky in Sydney, off to the clubs of course!

Work it baby

With Bimbo Bi

Early honeymoon days with your man when you thought the 3 of us sleeping together was fun.

Yes, you are a strong woman

What on earth is going on here?


Matchy matchy green and ready to hit the clubs. Lavish, Next blue, can't remember the other ones!

We like to share mates. My friends are your friends and vice versa. Group shot at Ngoc's wedding.

Bridesmaids duties. You did a great job not getting carried out of the wedding on a table.

One by one the girls start settle down and get know what comes next!

Family at old Furlong House

It's your wedding day, stunning bride!

Masterchef in the making

Crazy cleaning lady

Bonjour! Merci!

Cute boy on a gondola, we were too cheap to go on an actual ride

Baywatch eat your heart out!

Sardinia - were your first born was made!

Van going wild at Tiger Tiger in London

Yeah, you were pretty big

And then there was 3! Hello Josh!

And then there was 4! Hello Kayla!

And then there was 5! Hello Alana!

They keep multiplying!

The Australian dream

Oh la la, the party never stops for Van, even after 3 kids!

Party planning, your other part time job!

The Pham family in London!

Thanks for making it to my wedding day! You got to have your sisters around!

Love this one of you and Josh having a good old laugh

Parents gone wild - and this was just last week!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister! Wow you are now 40! OMG! You have done so much already, just look back on all the memories. But I hear you are going through a mid-life crisis and wanting to book holidays and buy things you can't afford! So as a birthday present I thought I would get you all these things and more. Enjoy!! 

A holiday to the glorious Maldives, all inclusive package for you and the family! 
You can never have too many shoes, or handbags! 
err maybe Cong might like this?
Party balloons, taking it to the next level
Ryan Gosling, isn't he just dreamy. You can have him just for one day and night! He is married though so watch out for Eva Mendes.
A home of your own! With no in-laws! Now that is a super present. 
A picture perfect family - you already have one of these. Be grateful for these beauties in your life, they rock your world, drive you crazy too but make you the best mum which they love and adore.
Thank you for being a wonderful sister, you really are super, so patient and someone I can always go to for advice and support. And best of all, someone I can always go to for the most amazing Vietnamese dishes ever!
Happy 40th Van, wishing you many more exciting times ahead. Love always, Be xx
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