Khizer & Zahra's Wedding

Hackney Town Hall

Khizer & Zahra’s beautiful and colourful wedding was held at Hackney Town Hall in East London. It is a stunning example of art-deco architecture which the bride loved. Zahra worked with Hackney through her work and had a few meetings in the building, she was drawn to the soft colour theme and textures. The couple met online and their first date was in a lovely French restaurant in the Midlands. Khizer was living in Manchester and Zahra in London so this was halfway in between. I’m so glad to hear their date went well and less than a year later they decided to make it official, tie the knot and close the distance!


Zahra described the day as quite surreal. “We had been so excited about it that it was a little unbelievable that we finally made it! Very emotional, beautiful speeches really made us feel quite loved and it was wonderful to share it with close friends and family. It was boisterous and a lot of fun actually! While it started off a little stressful at times, it was wonderfully relaxing and one we will remember fondly.” The speeches were one to remember, both hilarious and incredibly heartfelt. So when asked what advice you would offer for couples planning their wedding. They said “Excel is your best friend. Less is more, it's easy to say now, but you end up fussing over things no one really notices! You'll be surprised by how much you get done in the last few weeks, so don't panic!”. I completely agree. Don’t stress the small stuff. But in saying that, I love all the little details. Your guests may not notice but I certainly will, and will make sure they are captured on camera so you can remember them too! Congratulations again Khizer and Zahra, I had a wonderful time being part of your special event.   

"I would describe Zahra as generous, thought provoking, contemplative and caring" (Khizer)

"I would describe Khizer as compassionate, generous and incredibly loving" (Zahra)


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