Vince & Jennifer's GardenWedding - Emu Bottom Homestead

Homestead Way, Sunbury VIC 3429, Australia

Wedding Location: Emu Bottom Homestead

Wedding Dress: European Bridal, altered and a little remodelled by Nicola Donati in Knightsbridge

Bridesmaid Dress: Phase Eight

Bride's best part of the day: Both of our favourite part of the day was the vows, I also really liked listening to the other speeches.


Vince & Jen's special day had arrived on a perfect day with the sun out and blue skies all around. The bridal party prep began at Gisborne Peak Winery. When I arrived everyone was so calm, with mother of the bride reading to her granddaughter and the bride herself casually doing some last minute sewing duties. But this reflects Jen's laid back attitude.


The wedding ceremony was held at Emu Bottom Homestead, surrounded by acres of wonderful gardens and natural Australian countryside. There was cello music playing in the background as father of the bride proudly walked his daughter down the path towards her soon to be husband. There were smiles all around and tears when the couple exchanged their vows in front of close friends and family. As a documentary Wedding Photographer I love to capture the moments naturally and couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. The bride and groom couldn't stop smiling all day, the backdrop for every photo was just stunning. A great day for everyone. 


The celebrations continued with heartfelt speeches and 'award' mentions to those who helped put together the wedding production. The wedding couple met at a stage rehearsal so it was a fitting way to say their thanks. Best Supporting Actresses went to the Bridal party, I won Best Picture and I loved Best can guess who this went to! The night ended with the first dance as husband and wife, it was quite emotional as you can see how much love this couple have for each other. It was truly beautiful to witness and capture the moment



Words for the Wedding Photographer: 'Hi Grace, I just wanted to let you know that I have looked through all the photos and love them. Thank you again for doing such a lovely job!'. (Vince) 


'Love it! Photos look brilliant! The photo of the family is the nicest family shot we've ever had and the personality of the whole day comes through in the shots. I also think the one's of Dad's reflection in the car are artistic genius. Everyone is saying how great the wedding photos are, our families are thrilled. Thank you!' (Jen)


'I am having such a pleasure looking at the photos of Vince and Jen's Wedding. It was a magical Wedding and you captured the beauty. Thank you' (Jayne - groom's sweet mother, she sent me a card to say thank you!) 


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